We offer you a collection of browser extensions and calcs for your warchest.

Astro Scanner

A Chrome extension for personal scans of galaxies. Download from Google store

Tech Revealer

A Firefox addon that shows tech levels and pre-fills a battle calc. Download from Mozilla

Vig's updated Calcs

Distance, Pillage, Level and other calcs

The backwards GTK BattleCalc

Input the ships power at the bottom to find tech levels at the top. GTK BattleCalc
Get data from an attack screen before attacking.

The Round Table

Our instant chatroom.

Click on the Table and login with your player name.


Commandant's Office

Here are links to the code that will produce our invite scrolls for the various Encampments.
  • Commandants will find a useful tool in this Next Page Chrome Extension, which allows sequential viewing of all player profiles.

    Are you occd and thinking of "rage quitting"?. Are you too busy in real life to continue playing? Maybe you just want a break for a while.
    We hate to lose even a single member and we happily offer our Character Care Service.
    We will keep active and strive to grow your character while you are away.
    Come back rested and refreshed to your character, freed and stronger than ever!
    Contact leadership in your Encampment.
    Do not let the vultures gnaw on your bones!

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